Why Choose Us?

We are not credit repair, although it is a byproduct of our service. We are not debt consolidation, although we settle your debts. We are not bankruptcy, although using our service will eliminate the need for bankruptcy.

We are a complete solution for our customers. We use a well-documented and time proven process to completely resolve all of your outstanding debt issues. Our entire process takes no more than 30 days from start to finish for the vast majority of our customers. With any outstanding debt we will be able to accomplish one of two outcomes; we will either get the debt wiped out completely or we will negotiate a settlement for substantially less with a monthly payment you can afford. In the instances when we negotiate settlements, we get the agreed upon reduced debt in writing and review to make sure all is as it should be. We then pass it on to our customer for review and acceptance. Once complete the creditor agrees that the debt is reported as settled in full on your credit report.

Appreciation for who our customers are

The vast majority of our customers have found themselves in debt through no fault of their own. Many are victims of the economy for the last 8 years. Others had major changes to their lives, illness, job loss, predatory lending, etc. We know that our customers are good people who have found themselves in bad situations. Most do not know how to get out of the mess that they find themselves in. It is very much like being in quick sand and the more you work at it the deeper you sink. To add to their problems they have been targeted by collection agencies and bottom feeding debt buyers, who constantly call and harass them. Many have tried credit repair companies and debt consolidation companies with limited to poor results. They are in desperate need of real assistance and immediate help.