Customer Reviews


Robert Starz
4 reviews
4 months ago
I had the greatest experience with Tony.
He took the time to talk to me about my options, and explain to me how I could resolve my problems on my own. I have followed his advice, and have successfully negotiated with 2 of my creditor s so far. I was facing a lawsuit with one, and was able to resolve it.
I highly recommend this company.
Talk to Tony, you wont be disappointed!

Naranja James
4 reviews
5 months ago
I received a letter from Clean Slate Mediation Service in regards to a Law Suit that was filed against Me. I called and spoke to Tony. He was very helpful in telling Me what I needed to do. Due to My Disability situation He advised Me to ignore the letter. I just wanted to say  thanks and I recommend Clean Slate to anyone who needs help with  a Law suit. Thanks again Tony.  

Naranja James

Leslie Kain
1 review
4 months ago
I was ready to sign with another place today, prior to doing so I checked my mailbox this morning, received letter from Clean Slate felt compelled to check it out. I'm beyond happy I did! Thank you Tony for putting my mind at ease!!! You're honesty, kindness, compassion meant so much to me, the world needs more people like you!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

donna payton
7 reviews
a year ago
I’m extremely pleased with the level of services I received from Clean Slate. I was being sued by a debt collector and I chose this company to assist me in resolving this debt. Tony and his staff were very caring and professional. Tony and his staff communicated with me via email and phone calls to keep me updated on my case even when he and his staff were effected by Covid it did not stop them from working on and settling my case. I’m happy with the outcome the settlement offer and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is needing assistance with Debt Services..