Our time tested and proven process

To either get the debt wiped out competely or settle the debt for substantially less

Step One

We do an online challenge. Within 30 days you will receive an email directly to you from them with the results of the online challenge. The report will say one of three things; either the debt remains, updated or is deleted. Anything deleted is removed from your credit report and you no longer have to pay.

We also have created separate written challenge letters for every creditor we challenged online and we emailed those to you and asked you to sign and send them out via certified mail with a return receipt back to you. Once the creditor signs the certified mail receipt the clock starts for them and they have 30 days to respond. We further instructed you that when you get the responses to those challenge letters you need to forward them to us so we can review and respond to them accordingly..

Step Two Review and Respond

Once we have received the response from the credit agencies and or the creditors directly, the debt will be resolved one of two ways;

Resolution 1 The debt was determined to be noncollectable or invalid. When this happens the debt is removed from your credit report and the creditor stops all collection action against you.

Resolution 2 They actually have provided valid proof of debt and when this happens we then negotiate a settlement for substantially less with a monthly payment that works for your budget..